Friday, November 12, 2010

Examples of Mixtures

Homogenous mixtures(evenly distributed throughout):
1. milk
2. coffee
3. salt water
4. air
5. honey

Heterogeneous mixtures(not uniform):
1. trail mix (the m&ms, peanuts, and raisins)
2. vegetable soup (different vegetables inside the soup)
3. chocolate chip cookie (chocolate chips in the cookie)
4. dirt/sand (different chunks of dirt/particles in sand)
5. entire ocean (animals, plants, etc living in the ocean)

1 comment:

  1. Michelle, I think you did a fabulous job answering the question! It really helped how you defined what heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures were, even though the question didn't ask. You had great variety in your examples which made for no confusion between mixtures. Also, breaking up the heterogeneous mixtures was helpful and nice touch. You did an awesome job!