Friday, September 10, 2010

Glue Stic Experiment

Choosing my object...
I wanted to experiment chemical and physical properties with an object that I could test in a lot of different ways. I picked the glue stick because it is easy, safe, and interesting to work with. It is also very important to know the chemical changes that occur with glue sticks because it is often used with small children.

Physical Properties
1. clear/white
2. sticky/squishy
3. not malleable
4. not magnetic
5. 3.3 cm long

Chemical Properties
1. sweet odor
2. tasteless
testing flammability
3. flammable
At first the fire had little affect on the glue, but after a while it caused the glue stick to first bubble then melt an burn. These are all signs of chemical changes acurring.
no reaction with vinegar
4. does not react violently with acid
There was no reaction with the vinegar because the glue stick is acid-free.
no reaction with bleach

5. does not react violently with bleach
Like the vinegar, there was no reaction with the bleach because the glue was acid-free. 
The glue stick was neutral and unresponsive with many of the chemicals because the glue stick is made to be simple and safe to use.